Premium suport
Premium suport by email, phone, Whatsapp and TeamViewer
Customer Success Team
Team that helps you to get the maximum from your delivery
Onboarding team
Team that helps you to create your store, setup your menu, printer etc
Personalized Relashionship
You will have a account manager
Menu Management
Create plates, categories, descriptions
Add variations
i.e: combos, side plates, aditionals
Supplies control
Some item ran out of your supply? Inactivate in your menu
Photos of your dish
Add photos to your dish
Dish avaibility
Set what day and time each dish will be available
Updates in real time
Just change something on your menu that your store already updates instantly
Customer's data
A list of all your customers that ordered in your delivery (includes name, email, birthday etc)
Search, sort
Find your recent customers, old ones etc
Export to CSV format and Excel
The customers are yours, export the list and use your favorite tool
Complete data
Edit name, site, address, description
Customized URL
Choose your delivery URL
Opening hours
Choose in which days and hours your dish will be available
Delivery area
Several delivery areas designed on the map and with different delivery values ​​(fixed value or percentage of the order)
Minimum order
Define the order's minimum value
Customized design
Send your logo, cover photo, background and colors
Payment methods
Setup your delivery payment way (credit, debit etc)
Turn on and off your store
Turn on and off your store in 2 clicks
Complete statistics
Dashboard with sales, customer data, application installations, heat map with delivery area, suggestion of new areas to deliver. Export all data to Excel.
Discount Voucher
Create discounts to your customers
Generic voucher or voucher by Id
Define the voucher's discount type which you want to give to your customer
Different types of discounts
Fixed value or a percentage in total
Send sourtesies to your customers
Create programs
Increase the amount of orders
Different types of rewards
i.e: gift cards, percentage in discount, menu item
Many types of loyalty program
Reward after a determined number of orders
Receive online payments
Avoid to send the card machine, your customer can pay directly by the app
Easy implementation
Just sendo your bank data. We will do the paperwork with the card carriers
Dinheiro na conta em 30 dias
Em até 30 dias úteis o valor já cai em sua conta
Send surveys to your customers
Receive customer's feedbacks using the NPS methodology
Customer data satisfaction and statics data
Manage questions and validity o fthe survey
Administrator user
User that can caonfigure all the store
Operator user
User that can only accept orders
Integration with printers of market
Print the orders in your restaurant printers. Automatic cut support for some models.
Many printers
i.e: Print in your kitchen's printer and in the cash box
Detailed extract
Detailed extract with orders list, value and date
Payment via boleto
Pague a mensalidade por boleto
Pagamento por cartão
Pay the monthly fee by your credit card
Notification and calls
Receive notifications and call in each order
Order status
Manage the status of your order (approved, delivered, refused)
Print the orders directly in the kitchen's printer
Updates in real time
Panel that shows the orders in real time
Notification to the customers
E-mail with all status of the customer's order
Orders by phone
Receive order by phone and insert it directly in the platform
Take out in the store
Enable takeout option in your counter
Order scheduling
User can schedule a order to be delivered with determined day and hour
Multistores management
Do you have branches? Manage all with same user
Location by CEP
Your customer can find the nearest store by CEP
Integração com Loggi
Integração com a empresa de Motoboys Loggi. Tenha sua operação de delivery sem precisar contratar Motoboys (disponível apenas nas cidades em que a empresa atua).
App nativo super fácil de mexer para Android.
Notificação por push
Notify your customer by push
Available store together with your site
Mobile browser
Responsive store and works in all mobiles
Customer panel
The customers have a panel where they can manage your data
Repeat order
Your customer can redo the order with just 1 click
Have a store in your Facebook page and get orders
Strong visibility in Google
Advanced techniques in SEO to improve your position in Google