Frequently asked questions
  1. Can my customers pay over the internet? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. If you have the license of the payment company (eg. Cielo, Network, GetNet, Elavon, Stone, etc.) to receive online payments, you can connect your Direct Delivery directly to your buyer. To get the license, talk directly with the company responsible for the electronic transaction. If you don't have a license to receive online payments, Direct Delivery can receive the payments and forward them to you, discounting a service fee. Be aware that online payments are more likely to fraud than in-person. We recommend that you use a anti-fraud system. For more information, contact us at
  2. If a menu item is unavailable for a day, Can I remove it temporarily? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. That can be done on the Control Panel.
  3. Can I control in real time, the delivery opening hours, product pricing, payment methods and the delivery radius? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. That can be done on the Control Panel.
  4. Can I manage, in real time, the menu? Add and delete items, descriptions and photos; adjust prices; enter extras list for specific dishes (eg. extra onion or cheese in the burger); Add different sizes (eg. big or small pizza); hide menu items we ran out of; create sections (eg. appetizers, meat, pasta, sallads, beverage, dessert); keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. That can be done on the Control Panel.
  5. Can I approve and print the orders directly using my own printers? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. That can be done on the Control Panel.
  6. What printers does Direct Delivery support? keyboard_arrow_down
    All the fiscal and non-fiscal printers (eg. Bematech, Epson, Sweda, RWTech, Zebra, Daruma, Elgin, Brother, etc).
  7. Will I have access to the contract information keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. That can be done on the Control Panel.
  8. Can I create deals with vouchers codes? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. That can be done on the Control Panel.
  9. Can I monitor the sales on the platform in real time and extract performance reports? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. That can be done on the Control Panel.
  10. Can I implement a loyalty program? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. That can be done on the Control Panel.
  11. Can I increase my average ticket with automatic suggestion of complementary dishes as entrees, desserts, drinks, etc? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms suggest the items most requested next to the items selected by the consumer (eg. Who bought the X-Burger also bought fries with cheddar, Chocolate Milkshake, etc). Recommendations are important because they increase the average ticket. This can be done on the Control Panel. Note that this is an advanced module subject to additional charge. For more information, please contact us at
  12. Can I customize the Direct Delivery store to my brand? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. The Direct Delivery is a white label platform and it can be done in Control Panel.
  13. Can I manage access to each employee according to tools? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. You can allow or restrict access to each tool according to the user / employee on the Control Panel.
  14. Do I receive orders if my browser (the. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox / Mozilla, etc.) is closed? keyboard_arrow_down
    No. Your store will remain closed, even if it is during opening hours, if your browser is not open on the Order Management tab. To prevent accidental closing of the browser, the system requires the user to confirm before actually closing the browser.
  15. With Direct Delivery, can my clients place orders by phone, tablets and desktop computers? keyboard_arrow_down
    Sim. A plataforma, na versão web é responsiva para todos esses aparelhos. Além disso, oferecemos também o aplicativo para ser baixado em celulares Android.
  16. Does Direct Delivery provide deliverymen? keyboard_arrow_down
    No. Deliverymen should be provided by the restaurant. Usually the deliverymen are (i) registered the restaurant staff, (ii) a service provider but dedicated exclusively at times and pre agreed days or (iii) work under punctual demand, usually with the aid of applications for mobile phones.
  17. Can I have my own delivery app? keyboard_arrow_down
    Sim. O Delivery Direto oferece ao seu restaurante um aplicativo personalizado para a plataforma Android. Seus clientes poderão baixar diretamente na Google Play.
  1. Does Direct Delivery advertise my store? keyboard_arrow_down
    No. Direct Delivery is a white label platform. Our proposal is not to advertise your restaurant delivery service, but to provide a complete and easy delivery tool to use at a fair price.
  2. I set up the system but I haven't got any orders yet. What's wrong? keyboard_arrow_down
    Make an order yourself and check if the platform is working. If so, one plausible reason could be the lack of advertising. By implementing the Direct Delivery platform, it is interesting to make an initial publicity campaign for your customers to experience this new channel. You can, for example, send an email to your list of customers telling about the new channel and providing a discount for the first purchase.
  1. How the system setup is made? keyboard_arrow_down
    The implementation is included in subscription fee and is made by our team. It includes:
    • Instalation and remote setup for the initial state of your store (business days and hours, delivery area, delivery fee, minimum order value, etc)
    • Layout customization (store's logo, colors and photos of your mark)
    • Installation and remote menu setup
    • Installation and remote printer setup
    • 1 session of remote training up to 3 users to use Direct Delivery
    • Launching promotion setup
    • Loyalty program setup
  2. May I hire someone to do the implementation (setup) for me? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. Email us. for more information.
  1. Does the system need Internet to work? What happens if my connection goes down? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. You do need to have a stable connection to the internet. Nowadays internet access is as important as eletricity for a company. If your connection goes down, the system will automatically close your store to avoid that your customers place orders without telling you.
  2. What is the minimum requirements for my computer, tablet or smartphone to access Direct Delivery? keyboard_arrow_down
    Just a stable Internet connection. Your device must have an updated internet browser (eg. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc). We recommend to use Chrome (click here to install). Older devices or with low memory capacity may experience performance problems when browsing the internet and are not recommended.
  1. What support will I have with Direct Delivery? keyboard_arrow_down
    You can report a problem 24/7 through and we will reply you within 24 hours in business days.
  2. May I have data backup on my computer? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes, you can back up your data in portable format, further increasing the security provided by our service. This is backed up by a simple click, and can be done as many times as you want, when you want.
  3. Is there database backups on the Direct Delivery servers? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. To ensure data integrity, we do daily backups in different parts of the world and those backups are tested to ensure those copies are still valid.
  4. Are my data safe with Direct Delivery? Where are they stored? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. To ensure this safety, the Direct Delivery the database is in a datacenter with redundant servers. A data center is a specialized place to ensure data security and has monitoring 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by trained personnel. Seus dados no Delivery Direto estarão muito mais seguros do que estariam em um computador comum - as chances do datacenter ser contaminado por vírus ou ser invadido por um hacker são bem menores do que as de um computador comum, que pode ser invadido mais facilmente ou mesmo roubado.
  1. Does Delivery Direct do resales? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes. We do have a resales program. To know more about our program, visit
  2. Who can resale Direct Delivery? keyboard_arrow_down
    The Direct Delivery resales program is mainly focused in agencies that take care of the website or online business os the restaurants.
  1. How to integrate the Direct Delivery store in my site? keyboard_arrow_down
    You just have to create a button in your site that points to your delivery page on Direct Delivery. Ask to your site administrator. No adjust is necessary by Direct Delivery.